When Flash is deprecated, what happens with RTMP?

RTMP will not  work without Flash, but if you have set a HTML5 fallback, the player gracefully serves the progressive download version instead.
The only danger could be that later versions of JW Player might flip on the rtmp reference in the embedding code but in that case we will adapt the plugin in such a way that rtmp is simply ignored, sitewide.
So, for those of you with loads of media set to RTMP, just make sure that you have the  HTML5 fallback option set (in Default settings for sitewide use, or individual per item), so that non-flash browsers still can display the media.

A quick way to change RTMP shortcode to progressive download:
When you change the mediatype to audio instead of streamingaudio, the attribute streaming will be ignored and not included in the page"s source code.