What is the difference between S3Media Stream and Easy Video Player?

EasyVideoPlayer is more marketing orientated, making money indirectly via videos. Their target audience exists primarily of blog owners while our plugin provides for multimedia professionals, video portal owners, entrepreneurial membership sites and visual artists.
With our solution, you make money directly from the videos themselves, either via membership programs, Video-On-Demand setup or private video exhibitions.
Our advertising options, being less intrusive, are regarded as more user friendly and therefore more effective in the long run.
Our plugin supports Private Streaming, which gives a double layer of protecting against theft, although you have to keep in mind that some hacker software can even download private streaming. Here is an article on the subject from another source: http://www.mediacollege.com/video/streaming/protect/
S3 Amazon uses Adobe® Flash® Media Server, formerly called Macromedia Communication Server.

To understand the advantages of streaming, Miracle Tutorials has a short article on this to demonstrate the difference between regular download and streaming: http://www.miracletutorials.com/s3-streaming-video-with-cloudfront/