Most membership systems offer download links, why should I use this plugin?

Convenience. S3Media Lite allows you to insert protected links directly into the posts and pages using a wizard. No need to copy shortcodes via a membership configuration page, (which are often not that user friendly), then opening your post and paste it. If the link does not work right of the bat, this can be a time consuming process.
But it depends what you need.

  1. If you want to share protected links to files on public pages, then this is a light weight solution without the need to install a whole membership sytem.
  2. If you sell products, you obviously need a membership setup. S3Media LinkSafe Lite works with all membership plugins which protect core pages and posts, so you would have the added advantage that you can use the wizard directly into the text editor. But if you find that your system is providing you an adequate solution already, our plugin is probably useless to you.