What’s new in S3Media Stream Enterprise 8.5.3?

As from S3Media Stream Enterprise version 8.5.3 onward, it is possible to add a Call to Action box at the end of a video or audio.
We also added a message for the small percentage of visitors with Javascript disabled on their browsers. The plugin ships with JW Player 8.5.3.

Call to Action box

Call to action text box

A call to action box is a great way to get visitors to interact with you after the video or audio had ended.
The box can contain a small amount of text and a hyperlink to any page.
Special characters are allowed but no double quotes, iframe or scripts.
There is also an option to add an image instead of text:

Call to action image box

Fully customizable

To keep the appearance of the box as flexible as possible, we opted for an adaptable field in the default settings instead of offering a limited set of styles.
The box can be styled via the default settings and/or via the div class calltoaction, which you can define in the style sheet of your theme. Upon install, a default css style is saved which can be fully adapted or partly removed (except the z-index, which must remain in the field):

Call to action style.
We provide a set of different style examples in the form of CSS for the box which can be found in the support section How to set Call to action.
To view this feature in action, see the demo at: https://s3mediastream.footprintaddons.com/s3media-stream/video-call-to-action/


All modern browsers have JavaScript enabled these days and indeed most sites use it extensively. However, a very small percentage of users (estimated 0,02 % in the U.K.) disables JavaScript, either for security reasons or to disable certain features on websites.
S3Media Stream and JW Player cannot work without JavaScript for various reasons. Therefore, we decided to add a message when it is disabled. It looks more or less like this:

Noscript Javascript message

The link how to enable Javascript in your browser goes to a page that explains how to activate it in all major browsers.

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