Screen capture prevention via dynamic watermark

There is little you can do to prevent screen capturing of online videos since the video player has no control over the user's actions on his/her computer. But there is some good news:

Since S3Media Stream version 5.9 we introduced a dynamic watermark feature to prevent screen capturing.
Apart from private streaming via Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect videos and audios from unauthorized use, the Logo/watermark feature can now be used to create a dynamic watemark image that prints the username, IP address and date over the video. It looks like this:


This is very useful in membership systems where the first name and name of the member are known. If the user hides behind a proxy server, the redirected IP address is shown as well.  In most cases, this will prevent people screen capturing as there is clear evidence of theft.
The watermark contains a link to any page you like.

For S3Media Stream Enterprise, the watermark is opaque because his version works with JWplayer 6.x.  Therefore, in the Enterprise version, it will look like this:


Warning: This feature does not work on all server configurations, therefore it is in an experimental stage.

For protected videos not residing in a membership area, the username is not printed, only the IP address and date, like this:


It is possible to change the "USER NOT LOGGED IN" text to something else.
Or if you work with promotional videos, you can use the regular watermark feature to brand your business or use it to link to a sales page, like this (imagining that you have a video interview with a writer, for example):

Therefore, it is possible to use watermarks for branding or to protect from screen capturing. This can be set per video.

The new plugin has been tested on WordPress on 3.6 to 4.0.1

Overview of the full features

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