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Struggling with your videos and audios on WordPress? No clue how to protect your online media and monetize it?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since JW Player has made the Pro features free in JW Player 7 since January 2016, there is actually no reason to buy this plugin with version 5.10 anymore. On top of that, with the rapid evolution of HTML5, this version is no longer recommended, therefore we have phased it out because RTMP streaming will be deprecated and replaced by HLS adaptive streaming. See this article: http://www.miracletutorials.com/flash-support-in-google-chrome-under-fire/
Please consider S3Media Stream™ Enterprise instead!

We will maintain the S3Media Stream™ regular version for existing customers, but we stopped selling it because the new JW player improves regularly, while version 5.10 is no longer updated.

(Product information has been removed.)

History and stability

Version 5.9 -phased out.

  1. Added dynamic watermark with username and IP address to prevent screen capturing in membership systems. Tested on WordPress 4.1

Version 5.8

  1. Resolved conflict with OptimizePress using the preview
  2. Resolved 6 bugs in default settings on WordPress 3.9.1
  3. Added the class s3download to style download links with CSS

Version 5.7

  1. Removed the need for placing the private keyfile for CloudFront on the server. In place of linking to the private keyfile, insert the full content of that file within the Private keyfile field, comments included.

Version 5.6.6

  1. Enhanced HTML5 for skins.
  2. Resolved conflict with WP e-Commerce S3 Importer plugin
  3. Ships with JW player 5.10 where more then 10 issues were resolved, primarily related to HTML5

Version 5.6.5

  1. Added extra default options: Logo, Dock buttons Poster Image.
  2. Improved default settings in a way that  those settings are only used if no values are filled in the wizards. In previous versions, default settings were filled in the wizards, adding them into the shortcode each time. Now, those values are only used if no value is filled in.  This gives better control over site wide default settings.
  3. Added 12 html5 compatible skins. Old skins are removed, like Silvery, Pearlized, Magma and Blue metal.
  4. Resolved conflict with Cu3 plugin.

Version 5.6.4

  1. Resolved issue with encrypted URLs not being detected as external links, causing poster images and caption files not to show up.
  2. Removed version 5.5.2 permanently.

Version 5.6.3

  1. Support for video displayed bigger then 1000 pixels.  The previous version made 1000 into 1,000 and as a result, it was seen as 1 instead.
  2. Some servers had problems displaying the Preview and Get the Code and a blank page showed up. We found a general solution for this.

Version 5.6.2

  1. Repaired various minor bugs.
  2. Added Default settings in the Options section.

Version 5.6

  1. Removed Video gallery, as it gave many problems with other plugins and it does not work with WordPress 3.2 or higher.
  2. Added HTML5 support.

Version 5.5.x

  1. Introduction Video gallery
  2. Removal of various small bugs.
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13 Comments on “S3Media Stream™ regular – WordPress Plugin for Streaming Video & Audio

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  2. hello
    I have wordpress e-learning website.
    I want my users not to record my video with a capture software such as Camtasia. I want to make sure that your ‘s3media-stream’ would work on my website.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for your interest in S3Media Stream. Dynamic watermarks normally work on all servers, except those who do not allow #RewriteRule in .htaccess.
      You need to confirm with your hosting provider before you buy the plugin if this is a breaking point for you. For instance, if you are hosted on GoDaddy, we cannot guarantee it will work.

    • Hi Tricia,

      This shouldn’t be a problem. But in order for dynamic watermarks to work, you need to set a redirection rule in the dashboard of WPEngine. This is explained in the manual.

  3. Hi,

    Just one question: is the dinamic watermark moving? If not, it is very easy to mask it out. Do you have a sample video?

    I have a 17 hour long video for sale. How much should I pay for playing it in HD quality? ( I mean each time)



    • Hi Mickey,
      Good question: No it does not move. Apart from the fact that with JW Player this is not possible, it is also highly annoying for viewers to watch something moving around that has nothing to do with the shown content.
      I would break up a video of 17 hours because, A: nobody watches a video for that long in one stretch, 2: it will be very heavy, therefore almost impossible to play on a mobile device.
      Regarding the cost: it depends how heavy the video is. Accoding to this calculator http://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html
      if you have a video of 2Gb, which is fully played 10 times a day, you would pay around $21.00 after a month.
      If you have further questions, let me know.

      • Thanks.

        The video is in many parts of course, but if someone buys, he will watch all of them so I have to pay after 17 hours.

  4. Do you plan to move the watermark? If it moves every 5 minutes once or just flash up for a second on other places, on the screen that is quite enough.

    • There is no way to do this with JW Player, I’ve checked that with their programmers. The thing is, whatever you do, people always find a way to get around things if they are determined enough. Therefore I always recommend to calculate a loss of 10% in your pricing, like supermarkets do.
      Notwithstanding they have camera’s and store detectives, people keep stealing. We can only make it difficult to steal.

  5. Ah, Ok. I understand. So, find out how heavy all files combined are, then use the calculator I mentioned above to see how much it would cost you. AWS is the cheapest on the market for streaming video. There is also a free tier of 50GB the first 12 months.

  6. S3Media Stream™ Enterprise does it support HLS streaming?
    Do I have to pay for JWPlayer $299.00/yr to have HLS streaming support?

    • Dear Joanna,
      I tried to contact you via e-mail but it bounced back.
      Normally, S3Media Stream Enterprise is meant for RTMP private streaming but it supports hls streaming if you have a JW Player premium license.
      Also, protection is only partial because only the the main manifest playlist can have a signed URL. The other playlists that are called by that manifest have to be public because they are static links, and not created on the fly as the main manifest URL.

      Finally, we provided no manuals for hls streaming as it is not the objective of the plugin. However, we have a crash course in hls adaptive streaming via AWS, if that interests you:
      Let me know if you have further questions.

      All the best,
      Rudolf Boogerman

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