S3Media Stream FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the commercial S3Media Stream plugin for WordPress.Please note that the plugin is no longer for sale. We keep this FAQ open (for the time being) for existing customers only.

When Flash is deprecated, what happens with RTMP?
RTMP will not  work without Flash, but if you have set a HTML5 fallback, the player gracefully serves the progressive download version instead. The only danger could be that later versions of JW Player might flip on the rtmp reference in the embedding code but in that case we will adapt the plugin in such a way that rtmp is simply ignored, sitewide. So, for those of you with loads of media set to RTMP, just make sure that you have the  HTML5 fallback option set (in Default settings for sitewide use, or individual per item), so that non-flash browsers still can display the media. A quick way to change RTMP shortcode to progressive download: When you change the mediatype to audio instead of streamingaudio, the attribute streaming will be ignored and not included in the page"s source code.    
Is there a Joomla version of S3Media Stream?
Yes, there is. Have a look here: http://www.footprintaddons.com The extension for Joomla is somewhat different. It ships now with JW Player 7.
Can I upgrade from S3Media Stream regular to Enterprise?
No, S3Media Stream Enterprise is a separate plugin not compatible with S3Media Stream (regular) since it is rewritten from scratch. Too many features in JW Player have changed since version 6. Additional info: You cannot use both plugins alongside each other on the same site either because that will create a javascript conflict. But if you buy S3Media Stream Enterprise, you can keep using the regular version on your old site. There is a shortcode converter to convert old code to the new one if you want to migrate videos to the new site.  However, this needs to be done individually for each post or page.
Does S3Media Stream support HLS adaptive streaming?
Yes, you can (with S3Media Stream Enterprise with a paid JW Player license). Note: HLS adaptive streaming can only be embedded with a public web distribution because it makes use of various playlists to serve different bandwidth versions depending on the internet connection of the visitor. This makes the format prone to theft but you can set the bucket and the files themselves private to reduce the risk. There is a step-by-step tutorial in the support section that explains how to do this. You can also use audio and 360 VR video with HLS.
What is the difference between S3Media Stream and S3Media Stream Enterprise?
S3Media Stream regular does not require a yearly renewal for the JW Player license, instead a one-time license is required since the plugin ships with JWplayer 5.10 commercial, whereas S3Media Stream Enterprise ships with JWplayer 7.x, requiring either a free license or a a yearly JW Player Premium license to unlock premium features such as HLS adaptive streaming and 360 VR video. The Enterprise version has a responsive video/audio player, multilingual subtitle support, Social sharing and Google Analytics on board.   A couple of good features are lost in JWplayer 6.x, like Full sceen, start from, duration, sticky controlbar, icons in the video area which are features of the regular version using JWplayer 5.10. However, the new features are worthwhile, depending on your needs and support for mobile devices is improved considerably. We made this version presuming that you want to work with private streaming (for streaming) and download distributions (for HTMLfallback). If you do not plan to use the plugin for this purpose, the regular version is more suitable. compare-regular-enterprise
Is the license key for JW PLayer included?
No, S3Media Stream Enterprise ships currently with JW Player  8, for which a separate JW Player license key needs to be obtained at the JW Player site. Note: older license keys are not compatible with this version.
Can I display more than 1 video or audio on a page?
Yes, you can place more then one video on a page or post, with the exception of 360 VR video because at this time of writing, when you activate two 360 video's on the same page and you interact with one of them, the other pans with it. You can 360 VR on our demo site: http://enterprise.wp21century.com/s3media-stream/360-vr-video/ With the other formats, there is in theory no limit, but keep in mind the more you add, the heavier your page will become, which is bad for SEO. Although we tested 13 videos on one page without problems, the ideal maximum is up to 6 videos on the same page/post.
Video does not play before full download

When your video or audio refuses to play before full download in progressive download, it usually means the index is at the end of the file.
Converting the videos with HandBrake should remedy the problem, selecting the "Optimize for Web" option, or process your video with this tool: http://renaun.com/air/QTIndexSwapper.air

For protected download links, which files types are supported?

All file types can be downloaded: PDF, doc, xls, exe, mov, zip, txt, etc...
Executables may generate a warning in some browsers, depending on the antivirus settings of the customer's browser. Mobiles have restrictions on file types also.

Do I need to set different formats for mobiles and Web?

Depends on the protocol you use. The video industry and mobile landscape changes all the time. For HLS, MPEG-DASH and RTMP streaming, it is recommended to have a fallback with a MP4 - H264 video codec and AAC audio codec to play it on most browsers and mobile devices. With version 8, it is even possible to set 2 fallback options.  The player is intelligent enough to serve the correct protocol supported by the device in use.

In version 7 and lower, it is possible to set a low resolution video as HTML5 fallback if you use private RTMP streaming. It needs to have the same name as the HD version, but it can reside in another bucket.
Is S3Media Stream HTML5 compatible?
Yes. Version 8 ships with a fully fledged HTML5 player. Subtitles, poster images and watermarks work on most mobile devices. Version 7 and lower are partially HTML5 compatible, supporting private RTMP streaming via Flash with a HTML5 fallback option. Subtitles, poster images and watermarks work on most mobile devices, except on S3Media Stream 5.9 and lower.
Does S3Media Stream support membership systems?

Yes, most membership plugins work with S3Media Stream. As long as they allow you to work with posts and pages, it should work. We tested with DAP and S2Member without problems.

Does the plugin support 64bit browsers?

Yes, all major browsers Google Chrome, IExplorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera, in 32bit and 64bit are supported.

Can I play Youtube videos or from other sources?
In version 8, support for YouTube is discontinued. Version 7 supports YouTube. All version support external videos. You can even mix various sources in one playlist. Vimeo videos are not possible as they use expiring URLs themselves. But signed URLs are not possible for videos outside AWS.
How do I sign up for S3/CloudFront account?

It is really simple to sign up. The only thing you need is an email address and a valid credit card. You won't be charged any money upfront, you pay as you go along. The pricing is very low. Go here http://aws.amazon.com/s3/ to sign up and click on the Create Free Account link. From there, follow the instructions. We had a tutorial for this with screenshots but the interface of AWS changes so frequently that we could not keep up with it.

What do you exactly mean with Premium support?

Premium support means that you have priority when it is very busy. Generally, we respond within 24 hours, often much sooner. In the weekend, support is closed except in special circumstances. We understand that you want to move forward so we won't let you wait. That is our pledge to you. If you go to www.footprintaddons.com, where we sell the joomla version of this plugin, you will see some testimonials of customers who experienced Premium Support. We want you to be happy, period.

Can the plugin restrict playback via a fixed IP address only?

This is not regulated by the plugin but rather in your CloudFront account. CloudFront will automatically detect if an IP address has been set and check the plugin request against it. If the plugin requesting a video or audio is not accessed via that IP address, an access denied error will show up. But as such , it has nothing to do with the functionality of the plugin itself.

Can I adapt the plugin myself?

You are free to adapt the plugin for your personal use. We ask you not to remove the credit notices in the files. You cannot claim our work as your own and you are asked to add an extra line in the credits area to state that you adapted the code. Selling the plugin, adapted or not, is not allowed. Any changes make the money back guarantee void and we do not give technical support regarding changes you made.

Is the source code encrypted?

No, it is not encrypted because that would be a childish act. You should have the option to adapt the plugin yourself to suit your needs and any WordPress plugin that encrypts its source code is in violation of the WordPress GPL license agreement.  Encryption also enlarges the code considerably and may slow down performance.

I don’t like the way the plugin works, can I get a refund?

It is better to ask questions about the plugin upfront, of course. But you can get a refund within 30 days of the purchase. We do require a detailed reason why you do not like it and if it is a small matter, we may adapt the plugin to suit your needs. If we cannot adapt the plugin, we will refund your money. You will be required to remove all files from your computers (local and server(s)).

Can we hire you to make fundamental custom changes?

Yes, you can. We will give you a quote in that case. Please keep in mind that the minimal charge will be $300.00 USD.

Can we ask for custom changes?

Yes, you can. If it is not too much work, and if it is a feature that is worthwhile as an update, we don't even charge it. Example: a customers asked to set the bucket in such a way that he no longer had to fill in the full path to the streamer software, but only the CloudFront distribution name. As this is useful, we added the feature without extra cost.

Can I sell this plugin or give it away?

No, you cannot sell it, but we are working on an affiliate program. If you are interested, contact us. You are not allowed to pass on the plugin to third parties. The license becomes automatically void when you become insolvent or in case you leave this Earthly paradise. It cannot be sold as an asset of your business. This means, when you sell your site, the plugin is not included and the new owner needs to buy a license.

Can I use this plugin on more then one site?
Yes, you can use S3Media Stream on any of your own sites. However, we give no support for your friend's of client's sites. Web developers can get a special discount. Contact us in that case. As for the JW Player license, there is at this time of writing no limit on the amount of sites but we don't control this and rules may change. Therefore, check www.jwplayer.com/pricing to make sure.