S3Media Stream Enterprise version 7.12.8 is out now

S3Media Stream 7 Enterprise with JW Player 7
A new version of S3Media Stream Enterprise is out now, shipping with JW Player 7.12.8.
We addressed an issue with subtitle behavior, namely: when you want to show subtitles automatically (capstate="yes"). This no longer works in the last few updates of JW PLayer as they changed the embedding code. That is fixed now.If you work with multilingual subtitles the first file is used as the default. Therefore, if you want a particular language to be the default, you can change the order of the subtitles by using an underscore, like this:
Although the English subtitles are normally displayed above the French one (in alphabetical order), like this:
tracks: [
 {file: '.../subtitles/video1/lostcorners-English.vtt', label: 'English', "default": true},
 {file: '.../subtitles/video1/lostcorners-Francais.vtt', label: 'Francais'},
 {file: '.../subtitles/video1/lostcorners-Nederlands.vtt', label: 'Nederlands'} 
...thanks to the underscore, the French one moves up to the top and becomes the default:
tracks: [
 {file: '.../subtitles/video1/lostcorners-_Francais.vtt', label: '_Francais', "default": true},
 {file: '.../subtitles/video1/lostcorners-English.vtt', label: 'English'},
 {file: '.../subtitles/video1/lostcorners-Nederlands.vtt', label: 'Nederlands'} 
The underscore will show in the CC-list, but at least you have the correct default language.
Depending on your server settings, it is possible to use another character, like a point (.) for instance.

This version has been tested with WordPress 4.8.2 and PHP 7.

To install version 7.12.8:
Deactivate the old plugin, then delete it and install the new one.
That's it.

Do I have to update?

There are no significant improvements since JW PLayer version 7.12.2, therefore, if you have version 7.12.2 and automatic display of subtitles doesn't concern you, there is no reason to update to this version.

JW Player 8 is out

JW Player 8 is out since a few weeks but we wait until it is out of its infancy because as usual, new upgrades (as opposed to minor updates) always require a lot of debugging.
Note also that version 8 won't have RTMP streaming on board anymore. Version 8 is pure HTML5. Therefore, we will bring it out next to the 7.12.x version which will remain supported by JW Player until 31 December 2018.  Once you are ready to drop RTMP, you can switch handsfree because RTMP is automatically changed to progressive download if you have set a HTML5 fallback option.

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