New plugin: S3Media Stream Enterprise with JWplayer 6

We created alongside S3Media Stream(which works with JWplayer 5.10) a new package called S3Media Stream Enterprise, shipping with JWplayer 6.10.

S3Media Stream Enterprise
The main advantages of this plugin are:
1. Responsive video-audio player
2. Multilingual subtitles
3. Sharing button
4. Advanced analytics
5. Enhanced support for mobile devices

You can find out all the details here:

S3Media Stream Enterprise upgrade
All customers with an active account (not expired) can upgrade to the S3Media Stream Enterprise plugin for only $50 USD until the end of February. After that, the full pricing will be $89 USD. To order: login to your account and go to this page:

Please note that S3Media Stream Enterprise is rewritten from scratch. The shortcode is not compatible with that of S3Media Stream(regular).
You cannot use both plugin alongside each other either because it will create a javascript conflict.
But we created a shortcode converter to translate the shortcode into the new format.
The wizard is now placed directly in the editor of posts and pages, inserting the shortcode where your cursor is located.
To decide whether you actually need the Enterprise version, we created a comparison table.

Do you need a JWplayer 6 license?
While we can offer a JWplayer 5.10 license for S3Media Stream (regular) at a discount of 30%, we cannot sell JWplayer 6 licenses because you need your own account on to get access to the Advanced analytics.
However, S3Media Stream Enterprise can work without a JWplayer 6 license, but the Pro and Premium features will be disabled and the player also shows a JWplayer logo. You can buy a JWplayer 6 license directly at
JWplayer has given us a discount code which we gladly share with you:
coupon code 6Pre_61130 at checkout for a 30% discount on your first year of a JW 6 Premium license. You can also use coupon code 6Pro_61135 for a 35% discount on your first year of a JW 6 Pro license.

The future of S3Media Stream(regular)
We will make sure that the regular version is updated in case it breaks on new releases of WordPress. Currently, it has been tested with WordPress 4.1.
It won't be possible to add new features since JWplayer 5.10 is no longer updated. However, JWplayer has promised that the 5.10 version will remain supported in the foreseeable future. So, for those of you who have hundreds of videos/audios embedded, converting the shortcode will be a big job, therefore there is no need to switch as long as you are happy with the result.
That said, JWplayer 6 has better support for HTML fallback, including support for skins and subtitles on tablets and they improve the player continuously.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
Rudolf Boogerman

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