New update: S3Media Stream version 5.8.1

A couple of bugs have been addressed in the default options related to WordPress 3.9.1.
We also introduced a css class for download links and we resolved a compatibility issue with OptimizePress, which consisted of blocking editing in their page editor.
This was due to a conflict with our version of fancybox used for the previews in the wizards.
We also made more options available in the preview window which did not show selected skins or watermark.

If this concerns you, you are recommended to upgrade to the latest version in the download page.
Please note that you need to deactivate and delete the previous version of S3Media Stream before you install the new one. To prevent losing your configuration options of S3Media Stream, make sure the "Keep data upon deactivation" is ticked on.
Existing shortcodes remain preserved.

Important: Shortcodes of S3Media Stream version 5.2 and lower are not compatible with this version!

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