General Sales Conditions

License agreements

As soon as you click on a Buy Now button, you agree with the related license agreement(s).  Therefore read them carefully before you buy so that you are well informed.
Licenses are non-transferable and they become invalid when you become insolvent.

Duration of the license and support

The license agreement does not expire as long as you respect the rules of that agreement.  You can keep using the plugin for an unlimited time, but support and downloads are limited to one (1) year,  After that, you are no longer entitled  to support and downloads, but as an existing customer, you can buy an extended support plan at a reduced price when the term of your support ends. In that case, contact us via email. See also our Privacy policy regarding treatment of personal data.

Rules of conduct

Although it is understandable that someone get nervous if something doesn't work, we ask customers to remain polite and refrain from abuse language. We reserve the right to block the support account if a minimum of decorum is not respected. Please also note that the Support and Sales department are closed during the weekend and official holidays in Belgium.
If there is a problem with the download after you paid (sometimes a confirmation e-mail gets lost,), we ask you not not file a PayPal dispute, but contact us first, we are glad to help you out.

30 day - Money back guarantee

We are so confident about our product that we give you a full refund if you are not happy with it. That said, please check out the example demos so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

If you have a problem or find a hidden shortcoming, contact us in the support section. We are happy to hear your feedback and we will adapt the extension if it contains an error.
If you are still unhappy with a product, you can apply for a refund within 30 days. We require you to remove all the related files from your computer and any server you copied it to. We cannot pay back third party products like JW Player licenses, though.  Yet, we will assist you to apply for a refund from them. If they refuse for any reason, we cannot be hold responsible for their decision and only pay you back the part that relates directly to our own product.
Under no circumstances do we extend the money back guarantee. Claims not made within 30 days are not refunded.


Normally, the Paypal receipt is you invoice but you can ask for an official invoice if you are a business and want to deduct the costs from your taxes. In that case, please provide us with the correct address.  Changes after we sent the invoice will incur a surcharge of 12.00 euro administration cost.
Invoices are sent by email only.


All software is sold "as is". Although we check our software on viruses and spy ware before we upload it to the protected web space, we cannot 100% guarantee at any time that the software isn't tampered with. So, it is a good idea to check downloads with antivirus software before use.
You use the software at your own risk and we do not accept responsibility for any eventual loss of data or damage to your hardware and software. Always make a backup before you install our product(s).

We advice you not to download our products from file sharing websites like rapidshare, torrents or warez forums. Modified versions of our products might contain spy ware, steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information and more. Besides, we offer no support without a Support Key (which is your login and password).

Disagreement regarding license agreement or copyright infringement

Our company falls under the jurisdiction of Belgium (Europe).  Therefore, only the Court of the Province of Luxembourg can be called upon to decide a binding agreement between all parties involved.  Decisions by that Court are binding for international customers too.

Changes to the general conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to the General conditions at any time without prior warning. However, license agreements issued in the past remain in effect  as long as the customer does not upgrade the product to a new full version number. See also previous article.
Updates in between full versions have no effect on License agreements.

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