Free promotion channel

As a thank you for your trust in S3Media Stream, we decided to launch a free promotional program for your video/audio project to boost your business/organization.
Requirements - Application form

The program consists of the following features:

  1. Logo or image of your project
  2. URL to your website
  3. A short description of your project
  4. A long description of your project

Screen shots:


Sample Detail Page:


Your project will be published on the following sites:

Combined, your showcase will be accessible to over 45,000 unique visitors per month. Therefore, we think it will be worthwhile for you to apply for this free service.


  1. Your site uses S3Media Stream and you own a license (active or expired)
  2. Write a review or blurb about S3Media Stream in the JED of Joomla, a WordPress forum or any relevant forum you see fit. If you have already done so in the past, there is no need to repeat this.
  3. We will also publish an article with the best reviews in a "What customers say about S3Media Stream" section, again with a link to your site. This will be published on and, depending on which platform you use.

Application form:

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