How to disable Gutenberg editor

S3Media Stream's shortcode wizard is not compatible with Gutenberg as this requires a complete overhaul of the wizzard and currently good documentation is lacking.  Besides, we would not want to have to maintain two versions at the same time. But this may change in the future.
So, for those of you who don't like Gutenberg and don't want to write shortcode by hand (you can copy and paste, of course), here is a great plugin that disables Guteberg and re-installs the Classic editor.
It has an enormous range of options, from completely removing all traces of Gutenberg (including redundant formatting code) to selectively using Gutenberg where you want and when you want. This plugin will not expire in 2022.

Disable Gutenberg

Why Gutenberg is a bad idea

Gutenberg is basically a page builder. Page builders certainly have advantages for those who want to set up columns and rather complex layouts without knowledge of coding. So far, that is fine.
But what is not so fine is that page builders add complexity to the editor, writing a simple article becomes suddenly an organisation of "blocks" and that can be rather annoying to work with. Like all page builders, Gutenberg also adds a lot source code to handle complex layouts.
Now, whether to use a page builder or not should be a choice, not an obligation. And this is where WordPress goes in the wrong. Page builders are available in all sizes, they should be optional, not standard. Apart from that, Gutenberg often doesn't deliver its blocks as it should on a whole host of themes. If you need alayout working with columns you are advised to look for a theme that supports whatever you need. Usually, they do a much better job than Gutenberg.

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