Demo Private Streaming & Progressive download

Below is a video which not only demonstrates the Private Streaming feature of S3Media Stream™, also the Download Distribution of the CloudFront service. We used it for the poster image of the video. As a result, the poster image is downloaded from the server closest to your area.
NEW FEATURE: User info imposed over the video to prevent screen capturing.
This video has been set to expire in 10 minutes.

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Video info: 1280x720 pixels HD Video, H264, ACC 128Kbps 16bit 41.1Mhz stereo
Introduction to the Wooden Dimensions art project.

And here is a Progressive download video set to expire in 20 minutes.  When you get an error if you try to play the video, this means the link is expired. Just reload this page and click again.  Sometimes, you may have to reload twice in Firefox. Note that RTMP streaming is more secure then progressive download.


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Video info: 640x388 pixels Video, H264, ACC 128Kbps 16bit 41.1Mhz stereo
Testimonial from Matt Welch about S3Media Stream for WordPress.

Expiring not always on the dot

Expiring time is not always exactly the time you set. There might be a slight difference, depending on your server time. So, if my server's clock runs a bit behind, the video will expire quicker and vice versa. Just make sure your server's time is more or less correct.
We mention this because recently we had a problem with this in a sense that our server was running one hour ahead. Thanks to an observant customer we could correct this when she found out that the videos in this example did not expire in time.


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