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If you are a valid license holder of S3Media Stream™, S3Media Stream Enterprise™ or Footprint Player™, you can write to: In your request, be sure to include:

  1. Your username
  2. Platform (Joomla or WordPress)
  3. Name of the plugin/extension and version number
  4. The problem you experience or anything else.

Without this information, we cannot help you. Incomplete requests are ignored.
Important: the old e-mail addresses and are no longer valid.

If you have a support question for S3Media LinkSafe Lite, please leave a comment in the How to use S3Media Stream LinkSafe Lite. We try to respond on your comment within 24 hours, but we give priority to S3Media Stream customers.

16 Comments on “Contact us

  1. I have insert the video details,and it give preview but when i post the short code it will give me the Message”Get the Flash Player 9″ while i have installed the latest version of flash.

  2. hello peter do you also have an affiliate program for your products i bought your S3Media Stream and i think/am convinced that S3Media Stream is a great product to promote on my websites/blogs


    • Hi William.

      We are working on an affiliate program but in the meantime, we have a temporary solution. We will contact you about that personally.

  3. My MP4 content is set up for widescreen 16:9 format. When it plays in the Media Stream box on our test website it seems to being compressed laterally and shows up with bars on each side. How can I tell the player to run the content in widescreen format?

  4. Hi Jan,
    You set the width and height options in such a way that the black bars no longer appear.
    In your case, you need to increase the value in the width option (expressed in pixels).

  5. Hello there,

    I have a few pre-sale questions for S3Media Stream Enterprise:

    1) Do your plugin work fine regardless of Amazon S3 bucket region’s set up (I have mine set up for EU (Ireland)

    2) Do your plugin permit to use Private (apart from public) Cloudfront Distributions?

    3) Currently, I have my videos within different buckets. Is that ok with your plugin? (I have found one that requires all video files to be within one and only bucket!)

    4) How are you integrating (or how are you going to integrate) the latest JW Player developments, specifically the fact that JW has now launched JW Player V.7 with pro features for free? will the plugin be updated accordingly?

    Thank you for your help. Please let me know. I am very interested in your plugin.

    All the best,


    • Hi José,
      1) Yes, it makes no difference which region you use.
      2) S3Media Stream Enterprise is specifically meant for private streaming, we actually recommend not to use public streaming because the videos can be downloaded directly from the bucket in that case. I.e.: no protection.
      3) You can determine as many buckets and distributions as you want. There is a default setting for a distribution to use site wide for those working only with one bucket, but you can override it for each item via the wizard or shortcode.
      4) S3Media Stream ships and installs with JW Player 6 but you can replace it with JW Player 7, commercial or free. If you do, you also need to change the skins because they are different from version 6.
      However, keep in mind that the free version is only for non-commercial sites. You are solely responsible for complying with JW Player’s license policy.

      NOTE: With JW Player 7, the context menu feature is no longer customizable and watermarks can’t be positioned in the 4 corners anymore. It is fixed at the top left. There are a couple of other small changes but we are still investigating.
      We launch a separate version with JW Player 7 (free version) by the end of this week.
      NOTE II: License keys of JW Player 6 do not work on JW Player 7.

      • Hey Rudolf,

        Thanks a lot for such a detailed and to the point answer 🙂 I do appreciate it.

        Excellent, it seems your plugin very much fits my needs!

        Ok, can you please let me know when can I access your new release with JW Player 7? will I be able to consult its features, etc. in your website and compare with current version with JW Player 6 to decide on my purchase?

        Thank you!


        • Hi José, it’s a pleasure 🙂
          We are in the process of writing a post about all differences relevant to S3Media Stream Enterprise with respect to JW Player 6 and 7.
          There are of course new features with JW Player 7 Premium, but they are currently irrelevant for the plugin.
          It will be posted this evening in the Product News category.

  6. Hello people,
    I have a pre-sale question.

    I saw that I can use watermarks on this plugin (I’m looking for the Enterprise version) but I need to show the watermarks just for few milliseconds in different places of the video. It’s something like an image floating over the video.

    It’s possible to personalize the plugin to have this feature (coding it, of course).

    Many thanks

    • Dear Paulino,

      I’m afraid this is not possible with JW player, we asked them about this. In fact, watermarks are since version 7 fixed to one spot, namely top-right.
      Forgive me for saying this, but we think a watermark that moves around is quite distracting for viewers, therefore not user friendly.
      However, if this is a must for you, and a monthly fee is no problem, there is a video service where you can get this feature:
      It is more expensive then the one time fee of our plugin, but it gives what you are looking for.

      I hope this helps?

      All the best,

  7. Hi
    i want to buy this plugin. but i have a question.
    does “s3media-stream” play video demand on internet connection speed?
    for example like :

    my means is video will be encoding base on connection speed and play without delay and rip ?


    • Hi hannanstd,
      It is possible to use HLS adaptive streaming and set various bitrates, but the plugin doesn’t handle conversion of videos. This something you have to do yourself. It feature also requires a JW player premium license, currently $299/year.

  8. Hello. I’m building a WP Sites Membership site running on VPS.
    I need help with video security solution with RTMP technology

    Can I install S3 on’s VPS?
    Is S3 License calculated per year or forever? Thank you ?

    • I’m afraid that RTMP is no longer possible since JW Player 8 no longer supports it and there is no longer a version 7 license available.
      The license covers a year of support and downloads, but you can keep using the plugin for as long as you like, keeping in mind that JW Player does require a yearly license fee.
      We have no experience with the hosting provider you mention, but as long as it supports php 7 and MySql, it should work. We don’t recommend using Windows as a server platform.