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Great you want to know more about who is behind WP 21 Century, which is a department of Footprint Communication.

I’m Rudolf Boogerman,  I worked many years as a visual communication professional with an international client base since 1990. I started a new company Footprint Communication in January 2012, focused on web development and plugins/extensions for WordPress/Joomla related to video and audio.

For several years, I worked for an international company (WSN TV 75) based in South Korea,  where I helped visual artists presenting their artwork on the internet. As a visual artist myself, I have always been interested in video on the web and making things alive by any means, including the poetry of code. Is it not wonderful to type some commands and getting something to lead its own life? So, the step to develop an advanced video plugin came natural to me.  I've got help of course, after all, I'm at best a good amateur in programming.

I work with Amazon Web Services and JW Player since 2009 and helped loads of people setting up video and audio on their website.

Laurent Peter, who is a programming wizard and server master, helped me with the difficult coding parts and I have to say, without his help, S3Media Stream- and LinkSafe Lite would simply not exist.

About S3Media Stream
The first plugin was quite primitive. It all began with a custom extension for the Province of Antwerp (Belgium) to implement subtitles on videos in 2009. From then on, I added S3 Amazon support and a little later, streaming video with CloudFront.

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