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The end of an era

We are sorry to announce that Footprint Communication, author of S3Media Stream and Footprint Player, has to close down because of economic difficulties. As such, the development of S3Media Stream will come to an end. We realize this may come as a shock because undoubtedly you invested a lot of time getting to know how the plugin works, embedding short code, etc. but we really have no choice.
Therefore, we try to give you as much time as possible to find another solution.

Active subscriptions
We’ll make sure that all customers with an active subscription as of 13 Novermber 2019 will keep having support until end 2020. That gives you a full year to find another solution. We may decide to extend that support, depending on the amount of support requests during the year 2020.

Expired subscriptions
If you didn’t take extended support in the past and your subscription is expired before 13 November 2019, we won’t be able to give you support and renewal of support is no longer possible. But the tutorials for the latest versions will remain available (see also Support changes below)

Support changes

  1. All tutorials of the latest versions of S3Media Stream Enterprise will remain online until end 2020.
    NOTE: these tutorials may become obsolete in time as changes are made on various platforms. We cannot guarantee to follow up on that.
  2. wp21century.com is no longer active. The tutorials are transferred to https://wp21century.footprintaddons.com (this site).
  3. Support questions may take more time to be answered from 1 February 2020 onward as they can be processed only in the evening.
  4. The support is now handled via footprintaddons.com. For support requests, go to https://footprintaddons.com/support-documentation/support-request.

Availability and updates of software
Subscribers with a valid account (not expired) can download the software as usual.
Expired subscribers can contact us via support [at] footprintaddons.com to acquire the latest version.
Note, that we will only give support to our current customers, i.e.: we don't give support to newcomers.
We cannot guarantee updates of software related to big changes in WordPress from this point onward. For instance, an update of the wizard for the Gutenborg editor is not in the pipeline since there is an excellent plugin that can run both Classic and Gutenborg on the same WordPress installation, namely: https://wp21century.footprintaddons.com/disable-gutenberg-editor/.

Footprint Player for WordPress
Although we had plans to create a WordPress version of Footprint Player, given the situation and the lack of responses regarding this subject in our latest communication, this will not be pursued, although Rudolf Boogerman will develop this for his own art site and may release it as a crowd fund project.
The ETA is unknown yet, but those of you interested, let us know via support [at] footprintaddons.com.

Everyone who subscribed on or after 13 November 2019 can request a refund until end December 2019. The rules of refunds are explained in the general sales conditions (see section 30 day - Money back guarantee). Exception: Renewals are not refundable.

While wanting to provide an alternative, we had a look at our competition, like Easyvideo and FlowShield, but they have thrown the towel in the ring also. So, what's left are video services like vdocypher.com, jwplayer.com, wowza.com and others, but you may also try the AWS market place, which offers various options.

Again, sorry we have to close down. We wish you success with your projects and if something is unclear to you, let us know via: support [at] footprintaddons.com and indicate you are on WordPress and which version of the plugin you use.
Depending on your feedback we may adapt this page.

Rudolf Boogerman, 16 December 2019
Footprint Communication, Belgium

Original page content:
Whether you’re a novice or an advanced media professional, the S3Media Stream™ plugins help you display protected video, audio and download links with options beyond your imagination. Simple and powerful, combined with S3 Amazon and CloudFront.

S3Media Stream Enterprise

S3Media Stream™ Enterprise
empowers you to easily setup protected video and audio on your WordPress site. It ships with award winning JW Player® 8.

Responsive HTML5 player. Enhanced tablet & mobile support. NEW: HLS, MPEG-DASH, 360 VR video. Multilingual subtitles.
Requires a Starter JW Player license.


S3Media LinkSafe Lite

S3Media LinkSafe™ – Lite
a free plugin for WordPress, featuring protected download links via S3 Amazon/CloudFront. It works with time-limited URLs.

An excellent tool if you offer paid or free documentation, games, webinars, applications, downloadable videos and audios or any file type you can think of via your WordPress site.


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