JW Player 7 versus JW Player 6

S3Media Stream with JW Player 7JW Player 7 works with S3Media Stream Enterprise but we noticed a few changes which we list below, but first: what is the difference between JW Player 6 and JW Player 7 with respect to S3Media Stream Enterprise.
Updated 20 October 2015

What is the difference between JW Player 6 and JW Player 7?

Features that only worked in the Pro version of JW Player 6 are now included in the free JW Player 7, like:

  • Custom branding options (except context menu)
  • 9 Pre-Built Skins
  • Social Sharing button
  • Related Videos Overlay (not supported with S3Media Stream)

However, there is a misconception that the free player is really free of charge because this only counts for non-commercial sites.
A site is regarded as non-commercial when it doesn't sell anything and displays no paid ads of any kind. For instance, non-governmental organizations, art sites, hobby sites,...
Business sites fall under the commercial license, which means you have to buy a license of $299/year (at this time of writing). This is a difference of $150 compared with version 6.

Changes regarding JW Player 7

  1. The context menu is no longer fully customizable unless you change it in the jwplayer.js file itself, but this is officially not permitted by JW Player, so be careful. To place a custom link via our plugin in that menu, you currently (version 7.1 to 7.1.4) need a Premium license, otherwise it won't work.
  2. Watermarks have now just one position, namely top right. There is a means to override this with CSS, via a skin, namely, by adding .jwlogo{changes you make}.
    In any case, you cannot control this from the plugin anymore. It's a pity, because with version 6 you can change the position differently for each video or audio. However, the good news is: watermarks work on mobiles now, which is a big improvement.
  3. Skins need to be replaced by the JW Player 7 versions, which are fully css based now. Therefore, if you made any custom skins for version 5.10 or 6, you need to redo those. Advantage of css is that it loads much faster than the bulkier xml files from version 6.
  4. Filling in the JW Player 7 license key is required from now on, otherwise the player shows an error message. JW Player 6 license key does not work with version 7. You have to create an account on jwplayer.com in order to get the free license key for JW Player 7.

Finally, it is important to note that JW Player 7 updates frequently currently.  Alas, with some updates, features disappear or re-appear. It is hard to follow.
The last change is that watermarks are no longer part of the free version (7.1.4) but it is still supported in version 7.1.0
Eric Boyd, director of products from JW Player has just let us know that version 7.2 will have again the watermark in the free version and the context menu will be fully customizable as well, which is great news. See comment at the end of this article.

Our plans regarding JW Player 6 and 7

We launched a separate version of S3Media Stream 7 Enterprise shipping with JW Player 7.1.0 so that watermarks are supported in the free version. But as soon as version 7.2 comes out, we will ship with it since, watermarks and a fully customizable context menu will be available in the free version.
Existing customers of S3Media 6 Enterprise shipping with JW Player 6 can still download the software and continue using it.  They will be charged each year by JWplayer.com for the regular fee as usual.

If we make updates to version 7, we will implement those in version 6 as well, unless an update is JW Player 7 native only.

2 Comments on “JW Player 7 versus JW Player 6

  1. Thanks for this post! I wanted to mention a few updates coming out in JW 7.2!

    We are changing the behavior of branding within the right-click menu so you can remove the JW Player logo. This is available for all editions of the player. The logo and branding/watermarking is also available in all editions.

    Director of Product
    JW Player

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