Category: Technical articles

How to disable Gutenberg editor

S3Media Stream’s shortcode wizard is not compatible with Gutenberg as this requires a complete overhaul of the wizzard and currently good documentation is lacking.  Besides, we would not want to have to maintain two versions at the same …

Google Chrome deprecates Flash in July 2017

Google Chrome plans to deprecate Flash from July 2017 onward. Which effect has this on RTMP streaming? Is there an alternative?

How to upgrade S3Media Stream to the latest version 5.6.6

Version 5.6.6 has been tested up to WordPress 3.5.1 and it works fine. In this tutorial, you find how to upgrade between various versions of S3Media Stream. From 5.6.0 and higher Lots of changes and additions between 5.6 …

Using crossdomain.xml for subtitles and playlists

Subtitle files and playlists are supposed to reside on your domain due to security restrictions of Flash. When you upload such files on an external location, be it another domain or a S3 bucket, access it denied when you link to them and no error is given in the Flash player. But there is a solution, namely a crossdomain policy!

Problems streaming mp3? Audio converters for Mac and Windows

With S3 CloudFront Streaming and Private Streaming you need to convert mp3 audios into m4a audios (iTunes – CD format) in order to get it to work on your site.  For some unfathomable reason, mp3 is not reliable …